MARSHEAUX could be a paraphrase of Marseilles or the last name of a sexy French actress. MARSHEAUX could also be the
resurrection of Greek electro pop at a time when the term has also been identified with melancholy and grief.
Composed of Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou, the name is actually derived from the first syllable of each of their
names. Originally from Thessaloniki, the girls moved to Athens and formed MARSHEAUX to further their appreciation of
electronic pop music. Brought up to the sound of the synthesizer and learning to dance to the beat of electronic drums,
Marianthi and Sophie lived on a healthy diet of DEPECHE MODE, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, OMD, DURAN DURAN, SOFT CELL, NEW

MARSHEAUX came to prominence with their debut recording, a 21st Century cover of “Popcorn”, which was included on the
2003 modern electro compilation “Nuromantix: Eclectic Elektroklash Soundz”. The song received extensive air play in
Greece and mainland Europe.

Signed to Undo Records, they released their first full studio album "E-Bay Queen" in 2004. In January 2007 as Undo released
MARSHEAUX’s follow up, the “E-Bay Queen” reached adulthood, took off her tiara and returned full of disco dreams on the
electro-lit dance floor. “Peek-A-Boo” didn’t disappoint and was a 24 carat electro pop masterpiece.
Although still with parent label Undo via EMI Greece, since signing internationally to Out Of Line Records in 2008,
MARSHEAUX's irresistible mix of classic pop hooks and analogue synthesis have seen them stretch their sophisticated appeal
across Europe. Well received appearances at various festivals including Infest, Pluswelt and Amphi have gained them a
devoted following.

In addition, MARSHEAUX have also played prestigious support slots for OMD and ROISIN MURPHY in Greece, and CLIENT in
Germany. They made their UK live debut at the first ‘Electronically Yours’ event in 2007, selling out the London Hoxton
Square Bar even though the girls were relatively unknown at that time. On their return in 2009, they played the prestigious
Scala and reaffirmed their position as one of modern synth pop’s leading exponents.

Their highly acclaimed 2009 album 'Lumineux Noir' has become a bestseller for Out Of Line, reaching No1 on in the
Musicnonstop Top10. Music website ‘Electronically Yours’ have rated it as one of the best electro pop albums since
DEPECHE MODE’s ‘Violator’ while Daniel Griffiths, writing in UK synth technology magazine ‘Future Music’ said:
“While Little Boots and Ladyhawke have gone on to million-selling success, the crystalline Sexy Pop of Marsheaux remains an
elusive delicacy for far too many.

On ‘Lumineux Noir’, the girls have never sounded bigger, more synthetic and unrelentingly tuneful. If Kylie released
‘Lumineux Noir’ it would be the best thing she'd done since Fever. At turns sulky, and pouting then energetic and unhinged,
it's as laser-guided and expertly plotted set of electronic songs as we've heard this year.
If you don't like verse/chorus, despise harmonies, loath catchy hooks and like your synthery dark, doomy and predictable
then avoid. The rest of you please climb onboard asap. 9/10”

As well as recording original material, MARSHEAUX have also undertaken remixes for other artists. They gained international
recognition for their take on the IN-VOX duet with Andy Bell of ERASURE in 2004 entitled 'Will I Ever?’ Among the other
artists they have also remixed are DEPECHE MODE, MOBY, CLIENT, KYLIE MINOGUE and GWEN STEFANI. However, their
most successful reworking has been a magnificent electrofied radio edit of KATY PERRY’s “Hot ‘N’ Cold”. Personally
approved by the lady herself, the remix was so good that it has become a major download hit in its own right throughout
Europe and beyond.

As one of modern electro's leading acts with an arsenal of catchy tunes, MARSHEAUX have attracted a number of prominent
admirers. THE HUMAN LEAGUE played their track “What A Lovely Surprise” in the pre-show music for the 'Steel City' tour
while BBC 6Music's Tom Robinson and Stuart Maconie have praised also their work. In a recent interview with ‘Electronically
Yours’, OMD's Andy McCluskey added: “I do have a soft spot for MARSHEAUX I have to say. They have a certain sort of
wispy, melancholic charm...”

MARSHEAUX have been electro’s best kept secret…not any more. In the girls’ own words: “sing the song and make me
strong again”
1.E-Bay Queen (CD,2003, Undo)
2.Peek A Boo (CD,2006, Undo)
3.Ghost (7",2007, Undo)
4.Lumineux Noir (CD,2009, Undo)
5.Breakthrough EP (CD,2009, Undo)