Tasman (Tasos Papastamou) was born in 1974 in Athens, raised by a musical family. He studied the violin and at
the age of 19 he became a member of the ERT National Symphony Orchestra until 2003.

His musical influences, however, are not only classical; in 1994 he began exploring the sounds of the electric
violin and soon he became a member of “Closer”. Their long-term collaboration leaded to several albums and
live performances, including a tour in England and appearances in Synch and Rockwave festivals, next to
major names of the Greek and international alternative music scene. Their collaboration lasted until 2007.

Alongside he collaborated with many Greek artists and toured the world, participating in key festivals, such
as the International Jazz Festival of Montreal with Kristie Stasinopoulou.

In 2007 he began his solo course. He composed the music to Chloe Mantzari’s short film “The Wall” and later
collaborated with Sofia Spyratou’s dance theatre “Roes”, undertaking the music production in her shows. In
parallel, he recorded his first personal album titled “Solace”, which is released in June 2009 by Undo Records.
In “Solace”, Tasman’s violins and mandolins are escorted by breakbeats and distorted loops, Sofia Papazoglou
sings in dub soundcolors and Alkinoos Ioannidis dresses with his voice the most "hardcore" track of the album.

The synthetic capacity of Tasman is a innate mix of emotional sensitivity and trained technical knowledge.
The album has strong songs that can be favourites, unlike what happens in the wider 'accompanying' musical
world of electronic music.

Tasman was chosen by the Pet Shop Boys, among many other artists as the opening act that for their
concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki!

Fly In The Milk (Studio II) 1996 - 7"
In The Market (Studio II) 1998 LP
Universe (Chrysalis/EMI) 1999 EP
Suddenly Comes... (Chrysalis/EMI) 2000 LP
Mystery Falls Down (Chrysalis/EMI) 2000 EP
Closer (EMI) 2006 LP
Solace (Undo Records/EMI) 2009 CD